Xlash Máscara

14,90 €

La Máscara de Pestañas Xlash está hecha con ingredientes naturales, enriquecida con Vitamina B5 y Vitamina E para conseguir unas pestañas nutridas.

conseguirás unas pestañas nutridas.

Xlash Mascara is the latest developed product by Xlash. Xlash Mascara has a wonderful composition and a very elegant design.

The mascara is enriched with vitamin E and B5. The high pigment concentration gives your eyelashes a fantastic and dramatic look. The vitamins in Xlash Mascara give your eyelashes better flexibility as well as giving strength to your eyelashes and hair follicles. Vitamin E and vitamin B5 have antioxidants that helps the process of re-growing damaged eyelashes. Xlash Mascara does not only give you a fantastic look, but it also takes care of your eyelashes!

Xlash Mascara has a soft and smooth texture and it comes with a curved brush which gives your lashes more length and volume. It is very easy to use and with the smart shape of the brush you can be certain that every lash gets fully applied.

Innovative composition, elegant brush, smooth application, fantastic results and a sleek package at a good price – all of this is a guarantee that Xlash Mascara is the mascara you have been looking for!

Contains: 8ml (25oz, 7g)